Lachlan Craft Circle – September 8, 2017

Rain, sun and snowflakes were the order of the day in Lachlan Valley. Roses to Rhondda at Lachlan Valley Food and Wine who so kindly welcomed our crafters to share the fire and comfort of the restaurant today whilst the Lachlan Hall was unavailable.
The cheerful company was terrific as was the best coffee in the Derwent Valley!

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Lachlan Craft Circle, August 25, 2017

The following quote sums up today beautifully:
“surround yourself with people who add value to your life,who challenge you to be greater than you were yesterday who sprinkle magic into your existence, just like you do to theirs – life isn’t to be done alone – find our tribe and journey freely and loyally together.”

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Lachlan Craft Circle, August 11, 2017

So cozy in the meeting room at the hall today that heaters were turned off! However, BOM continues to warn that very strong winds are coming our way – I think our members have that eventuality covered with lots of warming projects underway and some completed. Roaring Forties do your best – we’re prepared for whatever you send our way!
An undercurrent of excitement was the buzz today with our upcoming event on Saturday 19th. The “Hairy Giraffe” on the outskirts of Snug is the chosen venue for a Doodler Shawl Luncheon – all who have completed the challenge of knitting a Stephen West Doodler Shawl will take the opportunity to show off their completed shawls. All began with the same pattern yet the finished shawls are anything but the same.
Thanks to Mieke for encouraging so many of us to take on the challenge – it’s been rewarding and fun.

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Lachlan Craft Circle, July 28, 2017

This morning’s wide-spread power outage in the Lower Derwent Valley created no deterrent for Lachlan Craft Circle members whose crafting activities require no power! One enterprising member even thought to bring along her gas camping stove to boil the billy! All present were content and happy, even in the chill of the Lachlan Hall, until power was restored and the room heaters buzzed along with the conversation.
Our talented quilter even uses a treadle sewing machine!

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Lachlan Craft Circle, June 2, 2017

Lachlan Hall welcomed us back into her fold today sporting a newly installed and freshly painted ceiling – looking good! A spell of cold weather may have kept some of our regular members at home, but those who “braved it” were cozy and warm beneath the heaters whilst the volume of chatter and laughter certainly warmed our souls. (Perhaps the chocolates helped.) Well done girls with another terrific display of colour magic and skill diversity!

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Lachlan Craft Circle, May 19, 2017

Lachlan Craft Circle are still living the gypsy life whilst renovations continue on the Lachlan Hall. Special thanks go to Lachlan Fire Brigade for offering the use of their meeting room to our girls today. The room was cozy, filled with chatter and laughter and a great atmosphere of “togetherness”. Heaps of handiwork in progress and on display – innovation and motivation!
Thanks to Dallas for making the meeting room and facilities spick and span for our use today.

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Lachlan Craft Circle, May 5, 2017

Today our craft girls gathered at Lachlan Valley Food and Wine as the Lachlan Hall is still a “building site” with interior works. With the luxury of a glowing wood fire and the best coffee in town on hand, the day was not difficult to enjoy. Judging by the level and volume of conversation, it is obvious that all had a rollicking good time. The venue and distractions didn’t distract from the work in hand and at the end of the day there were a lot of beautiful projects to display.
Missed you today Sybil!
Can’t thank you enough Rhondda for your hospitality and generosity!

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Lachlan Craft Circle, April 21, 2017

Autumn in the Lachlan Valley can be the most perfect time of year, and so it was today. Lachlan Craft Circle enjoyed a relaxing and perfect day of craft in the park. This beautiful opportunity to work in the natural environment brought out the spinners, knitters, card makers and crocheters along with “swap books” and yet more chocolate Easter eggs for everyone’s enjoyment! With no lack of conversation the hours slipped by as the sun turned the deciduous trees to glowing shades of yellow and russet. As always, that touch of quirkiness of the Lachlan was evident with the emus gazing at our group from behind the fence across the road! Love this place!

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Lachlan Craft Circle, April 7, 2017

Today the gathering in Lachlan Hall was a small one with many members absent for varying reasons. Surprisingly, the noise level remained pretty much the same as usual! Does this mean that all the quiet members were absent or did those of us present feel we needed to talk louder to cover the extra distance between the chairs?
Many happy returns of the day to Lorraine and a very Happy Easter to all before we meet again.

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Lachlan Craft Circle, March 24, 2017

New friends and old friends (returned) were welcomed at the Lachlan Hall today. Even though there was, as usual, much to discuss and laugh over, the multi-tasking skills of women came to the fore as handwork continued in harmony with the flow of conversation. Thanks for yet another lovely day girls!

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