June 5, 2015

A very cold, foggy day in the Lachlan Valley today did not deter members of the craft circle from gathering in the Lachlan Hall to share ideas and to work on individual handcrafts  Below are images of the various projects being undertaken – oh, and that includes the hot chips which were being passed around!

IMG_0703 IMG_0719 IMG_0717IMG_0713 IMG_0712 IMG_0711 IMG_0710 IMG_0709 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708IMG_0715IMG_0716IMG_0714



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  1. Heather says:



  2. Well done! Widgets and all. I look forward to following your group’s crafty endeavors.


    • Thank you for the comment – means a lot coming from you, my IT Guru Guide! I think that will be the extent of the widgets as it took me quite come time to get that far. I have just been looking at a tablet weaving book which I found quite exciting – I am easily enthused as you can tell. I have downloaded it and have been trying for the past hour to attach it to an email to you, however I am having no success and it keeps telling me that the attachment is larger than the server will allow. You see,I told you I need an IT manager! You may have seen this book already as it is a wordpress article – the address is Once the page comes up click on the photo page of the book and you should be able to download the pdf file. It has some interesting patterns in it and a good number of references to web sites and books, most of which are not in english but I don’t expect you will have any problem following the charts.

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