A reminder to all members of Lachlan Craft Circle that our “Wattle Day” luncheon will be held at Lachlan Valley Food and Wine on Tuesday, September 1.  All members are welcome to attend along with their invited guests (spouses, partners, friends, etc).

To ensure your seat at the Wattle Day luncheon, please register your names and numbers attending with Wanda or book directly with Lachlan Valley Food and Wine on 6261 4545.

“As the golden glow of wattle spreads across our land, it brightens shady corners, lifts our spirits, warms our hearts and hopefully opens our minds to change.”

                                         Alison Waterhouse, Friends of Wattle Day Association” 


The following is from the Wattle Day Association web site http://www.wattleday.asn.au

Wattle Day has officially been 1st September since 1992:

Australians in diferent states have celebrated Wattle Day on different days between August and September over the past 104 years.  Since 1992, however, National Wattle Day has been 1 September in all of Australia’s States and Territories.

Why do we celebrate?

  •  Wattle is our national floral emblem – a symbol which comes directly from our land
  •  Wattle is  Australian and represents us all.  Unlike other national days, National Wattle Day excludes no-one
  • Like our people, wattle has great diversity (with nearly 1000 species) and resilience
  • Wattle welcomes in the spring and is among the first plant to regenerate after fire, reminding us of the importance of renewal as it paints our national colours across our land, Australia
  • Wattle is a symbol of Australia and Australians

Come and celebrate in good company on September 1 at Lachlan Food and Wine and wear a sprig of wattle or Australia’s colours of green and gold!


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