Lachlan Craft Circle, December 16, 2016

It appears that the Lachlan Craft Circle post from Friday 16th was interrupted in delivery – although it appeared on my Facebook it did not appear on yours! Apologies.
Below is a re-post:
Best wishes for a very happy and safe Christmas to all members of Lachlan Crat Circle. Today our group celebrated in fine style with a Christmas lunch at Lachlan Food and Wine – thank you to Rhondda for the lovely presentation of the room and for the great food.
The atmosphere in the Hall today was sparkling with many decked out in Christmas finery. Not much empty space was to be found on the stage once all the completed projects were set out for viewing. There was a colourful range of completed Doodler Shawls – all different, all fantastic. Wheels continued to spin, stitches grew on needles along with hand-made cards, chocolate truffles and handmade rugs.
Cathie presented us with a “collage” of her craft skills spanning her 75 years of imaginative creativity. What a treat!
Thank you everyone for a truly lovely day.



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